Thursday, January 24, 2008

Toronto Shoots Lights Out Against C's

The Celtics lost at home last night to the Toronto Raptors for only their 7th loss in 40 games but one could say it was a fluke. The Raptors are a decent team and second in the division but last night they played or shall I say 'shot' way over their heads. Like a Cinderella team in the NCAA tourney, the Raptors shot an amazing 71% from the 3-point line. They also shot 58% from the field and 100% from the free-throw line for a combined 77% shooting performance last night! The Celtics moved the ball well and got many easy baskets, but when a team is making 3-pointers as easy as you are making 2-pointers it's tough to compete. Still the Celtics could have won but when they missed a shot at the buzzer the result was a 114-112 loss. It is pretty rare to run into a team that has 4 players shooting lights out all night, so I think the Celts should be able to brush this game off but in the end it was still a tough loss.

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