Wednesday, January 2, 2008

For the love of Pete!

The USC Trojans completed another stellar season by trouncing the Fighting Illini in the 2008 Rose Bowl 49-17. I didn’t remember the score because I watched the game or saw the endless highlights on ESPN’s SportCenter. I know the score because that is all anyone talked about on local sports radio in Los Angeles.

Without an NFL football team in LA (even though they try, the SD Chargers don’t count), USC is the closest thing to professional football...literally. The program is so deep with talent and such a powerhouse that some years they might be able to compete with NFL teams. They are winning and have a strong alumni base but is there any danger of over-exposure?

I woke-up New Year’s Day only to hear the USC pre-game show in progress on LA sports radio. The show began at 7 AM, a full 7 hours before kick-off! How much can you analyze a game in which a majority of the players aren’t old enough to drink yet? Even the 16-0 New England Patriots of the NFL don’t have a pre-game show that long. That wasn’t the end. Following the game, the post-game show lasted until midnight. By the end of the show, the hosts were so tired and punchy that they were forgetting players’ names!

Anyway, thankfully USC has one of the greatest fight songs of all time, but in an effort to free-up local radio, will the NFL please come back to Los Angeles?!

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