Sunday, January 6, 2008

Celtics Get Revenge- Beat Pistons in Round 2

Wow, what a game! Saturday night the two best teams in the NBA Eastern Conference squared-off in the second match-up of the season and this time the Boston Celtic beat the Detroit Pistons 92-85 at Auburn Hills, MI. First year player, Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis contributed 16 points down the stretch to defeat a Pistons team that won 11 straight games.

This game was not on National TV but too good to pass up, so I cancelled my HBO (luckily ‘Entourage’ doesn’t start up until June) and forked over the big bucks for the NBA Package. I never thought I would be spending any money on NBA entertainment but the 2007-08 Boston Celtics are a special team and on a record breaking pace, so every game is a must see event.

These games are fun to watch but also important for Boston GM Danny Ainge. With two open roster spots, Ainge must determine what assets are needed for the Celtics to compete for a title down the stretch. Before ‘Big Baby’ stepped up in the second half, the Celtics struggled when Kevin Garnett got into foul trouble. The challenge to back-up Garnett and to support Rajon Rondo at the point may be addressed January 10th when teams have to decide whether to guarantee contracts for the rest of the year. After that date, the Celtics may be able to pick-up a couple needed pieces that could lead to their first championship in 21 years. In the meantime, with a 29-3 record the entertainment value is well-worth the price.

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