Friday, January 25, 2008

Notes from the Coast:

You've got to love all the hype leading up to a SuperBowl. Especially when a team from New York is involved. Tom Brady is seen in a walking cast, then in cowboy boots. He is injured and now maybe he isn't? Better yet, it's a big hoax being put on the conspiracy starved New York media by Brady and Belichick. Give me a break!
As reported, Brady probably does have a mild high ankle sprain. Yes, it probably did hinder him (along with a possible flu) in the game against the Chargers. No, it won't keep him out of the SuperBowl. And no, there isn't any conspiracy. Unlike a sneaker, which Brady often wears, a cowboy boot can provide support similar to a walking brace.
  • Congrats to Eli Manning for coming through against the Pack. Even though I wanted a Patriots-Packers rematch in SuperBowl XLII, I found myself rooting for the kid and the upset during last Sunday's game. They thought Steve Young had a monkey on his back before he finally led the San Francisco 49'ers to a championship after Joe Montana left town. How about having a Heisman Trophy winning father and an MVP brother who both play the same position as you? Then, you tell the world that you won't play in San Diego and instead end up in the media craze of New York City. Eli had a lot to live up to and he may have come close with those two road play-off wins against the Packers and Cowboys.
  • Norm Chow is back in LA and back in college football, but not with USC. The offensive guru will be the new coordinator under Rick Neuheisel at UCLA. Before Trojan fans get all worked-up about cross-town loyalty, it was Pete Carroll and his admiration for Lane Kiflin that forced Chow out of USC and to the NFL. Now with Chow on board and Karl Dorrell back at Receivers' coach, the Bruins have an opportunity to create an in-state rivalry similar to Miami and Florida State in the 1990's.
  • MLB Trade Rumors blog has a great piece on 'What Might Have Been' had the Red Sox and Florida Marlins not made the Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, et al. deal.
  • Weird coincidence that Bruins' Goalie Tim Thomas gets added to the NHL All-Star team on Monday and then lets in 4 goals in 2 periods against the Canadiens that same night. Fortunately he didn't look as bad as the B's Goalie he replaced. Alex Auld gave up a goal within the first 14 seconds of the game and 4 goals in the first period of a ugly 8-2 loss to the Habs.
  • With a strong running game, a Quarterback that is finally putting it all together, and upset wins on the road in the play-offs, people are comparing this 2007 Giants team to the Patriots team that went to the Superbowl 20 years ago. Unfortunately that Patriots team got killed by the Bears in SuperBowl XX 46-10 and if all goes well, the same outcome will happen to the Giants again this year.
  • Also, for those who want to compare this Giants team with the squad that upset the Bills and their vaunted offense in Superbowl XXV; remember Bill Belichick was with that Giants team in 1990 but he's not with them now in 2007.

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