Thursday, January 10, 2008

Notes from the Coast:

I went to the Los Angeles Clippers vs. Orlando Magic game at the LA Staples Center last night. I don't know what was more painful; watching the first-half of Celtics vs. Bobcats game on TV (with all the match-up problems the Celts had) or leaving to watch the Clippers-Magic game in person. Fortunately, I was with good company and in a luxury box at Staples…otherwise, it would be no contest.

I haven’t been to a lot of luxury boxes but why do you suppose people spend most of their time watching the TV within the suite instead of the actual game? I guess we were at least watching the closed-circuit coverage and not MTV but it was still kind of strange.

  • Anyway, forget the cheerleaders and dance squads, no matter how bad your team is playing or how small the crowd is, you can create a mini frenzy just by throwing a video camera on the crowd. People will do the strangest things when they see themselves on the jumbo tron scoreboard.
  • Last night’s loss to the Bobcats should help Celts' GM Danny Ainge figure out what he needs to round out the roster. After today teams will release players they don't want to pay for rest of year.
  • By the way, the Charlotte Bobcats do have some athletic talent and did manage to beat the NJ Nets and Jason Kidd the night before. Also, for a newer franchise, their uniforms aren't that bad and I can see where Cats' part owner Michael Jordan may have added some Chicago Bull championship ‘red’ to the mix.

  • On that note, the LA Clippers are in desperate need of a new logo and uniforms. I’m not saying go back to the powder blue days of the old San Diego Clippers but at least make the design and colors more exciting. They're so tired looking that they appear retro (see pic). Most college and NBA D-League teams seem to have better uniforms. After all, LA is 'Glam city' and it’s not like the Clippers have a successful history they need to keep sacred.
  • Even though Clipper's point guard Sam Cassell has been shooting a horrendous 3 for 23 lately, I would LOVE to see him in a Celtics uniform this year. He has the backcourt experience the Celtics desperately need down the stretch, but there is no way Elgin Baylor and the Clippers will part with him.
  • The Boston Bruins have pretty much the same record as last year at this time. However, I can't afford to give up on Head Coach Claude Julien just yet...especially with all the injuries.

  • Only 30 days or so until the Red Sox open Spring Training (then they have to go to Japan!), so can we give up on the Johan Santana trade, deal Coco Crisp, and sign Bobby Kielty already?!?

  • My picks again for the NFL Play-offs this week: Pats over Jags 28-17 and Colts over Bolts 32-10. Since it all may come down to which QB's show-up this weekend in the NFC, those games are too close to call for me.

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bill-e-g said...

big Patriots win last night against a very tough Jaguars team; Pats looked a bit lethargic on defense; let's see if there's enough in the tank to carry them all the way thru to 19-0.