Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Titanic Loss Wasn’t What Pats Needed

Tennessee lost last weekend to the San Diego Chargers 17-6 in a Wildcard play-off game the Titans should have won. The Titans held San Diego scoreless in the first half and LaDainian Tomlison to just 42 yards rushing for the entire game, however the Chargers still managed to pull out their first play-off victory in 13 years.

San Diego now gets to play the Indianapolis Colts at Indy. Having squeaked by the Titans at home and possibly losing their All-Pro tight end Antonio Gates in the process, the Chargers aren’t as dominating nor pose the same threat as last year thus the Colts should have an easy time 32-10.

More importantly, the Titans collapse coupled with the Pittsburgh loss means that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be traveling to Gillette Stadium this Saturday to tangle with the New England Patriots. Now the Pats have to play one of the hottest teams in the NFL and could possibly have a battle on their hands.

With a physical front seven, a vaunted running game, and an accurate quarterback in David Garrard, the Jags became the only team in history to beat the Steelers twice in one season at Pittsburgh. Lead by NFL Pro Bowl selection Fred Taylor and former UCLA standout Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jaguars’ backs will try to take advantage of the Pats aging linebackers with short passes and runs up the middle.

Also, like Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlesberger, Tom Brady is sure to be affected by the Jags’ pass rush. But unlike ‘Big Ben’, the reigning NFL MVP will pick apart the Jags’ weak secondary and the Patriots will win 28-17.

NFL Play-offs: Pats vs. Jags Saturday @ 8 pm (5 pm on the Left coast). Can't wait!

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