Monday, January 14, 2008

Bolts upset Colts - God Bless Billy Voleck

What a stunner or as we say in Boston…'a shockah'! With many of their top players out in the second half, the San Diego Chargers still managed to comeback and beat the Colts yesterday in Indy 28-24.

The Chargers must have Indy’s number because with All-Pro RB LaDainian Tomlinson, QB Philip Rivers, FB Lorenzo Neal all out of the game and trailing 24-21 in the 4th quarter, San Diego back-up QB Billy Volek came through and led the Chargers on a 78 yard drive to put them back on top and eventually defeat the favored Colts.

Not sure why Tomlinson and Rivers didn’t come back into the game. They both looked fine walking around the sidelines but seemed more interested in jawing with each other and the Colts’ fans than playing in what could have been their final game of the season. Watching the game with two friends who are lifelong San Diego fans, it seemed like the chances for a Charger upset were vanishing. However, journeyman QB Billy Volek and 5’ 6’’ back-up running back Darren Sproles kept the dream alive.

I don’t want to hear any excuses about the Colts injuries to Dwight Freeney or Marvin Harrison. The Chargers were more depleted. San Diego also had All-Pro TE Antonio Gates banged up, had more sloppy plays and penalties, barely pressured Peyton Manning, and even missed a FG during the game. Besides, let us not forget that last year the Patriots had Rodney Harrison, Richard Seymour, Junior Seau, Lawrence Maroney, and others out when the Colts came back to beat the Pats and go on to win the Superbowl. On top of that, much of the rest of the team had the flu and in the second half they had the inexperienced backfield of Sanders, Hawkins, Baker going up against the vaunted pass attack of the Manning and the Colts. Yet, if Reche Caldwell doesn’t drop a pass in the 4th quarter, the Patriots still hang on to win that game.

Now the Chargers come to Foxboro next Sunday as 15 point underdogs with a chance to go to their first Superbowl and avenge last season’s play-off loss to the Pats in the process. If you’re a Pats’ fan, this is the best news ever! This year Indy was a bigger and faster team than the one that beat the Pats last year in the Championship game and by far the biggest hurdle in getting to back to the Superbowl. Instead, we now host a warm weather team in San Diego that is extremely banged-up and not nearly the threat they were last year when the Pats squeaked by them in the playoffs.

On the NFC side, the New York ‘football’ Giants upset the Dallas Cowboys thus eliminating yet another major Superbowl threat for the Patriots. So now it’s Eli Manning in a Championship game next week and not his brother Peyton.

What a shockah!

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A-Red said...

For many of us Colts fans, the almost unimaginable loss to San Diego, coupled with indications that Tony Dungy may indeed walk away and the sad end of the RCA Dome, still somehow pales next to the bitter reality that Indy won't be in Foxboro next week, and the AFC championship game has now become a joke. In truth, Indy was the only team with any legitimate chance of stopping the Patriots' march to another super bowl ring. True? Or is that simply my own Indiana-bred arrogance, my deep-seated belief that there isn't another team in the NFL as perfectly compatible with the New England Patriots than the Indianapolis Colts? In truth, more a union of football philosophy and skill and unadulterated love of the game, than a heralded rivalry. It seems petty of me to so cavalierly dismiss any threat that might be posed by San Diego, or the Giants, or even Brett Favre and his Packers, but I do it anyway, more disappointed now by the lack of playoff suspense, than by the implosion of my defending super bowl champs. As good as these Patriots are, history has proved, as it did yesterday, that even the best teams are only one loss away from elimination. I certainly do not expect much of a showing from San Diego, but there is a part of me that yearns for a rough and tumble match-up, perhaps even an upset of epic proportions. Something to restore my faith in this year's NFL playoffs. Tom Brady may just as well call Giselle and pop the bubbly, for this girl, along with most of the country, sees it all as a foregone conclusion. And that truly takes the heart out of this well loved game. I am torn between wanting to see the Pats finish what they have so brilliantly started, and praying for some real post season magic. However, the snob in me must admit that for Charger fans, yesterday's game WAS magic, and it is wrong of me to negate their achievement. So, hopefully, on February 3rd, I'll be glued to my sofa, one fist clutching my beer and the other shaking indignantly at the TV, screaming loud enough to startle the seagulls. But, sadly, I doubt it. Well, there is always next year.