Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spygate part deux

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league has already investigated the Patriots taping of the St. Louis Rams walk-through before Superbowl XXXVI and came up with evidence to the contrary (whatever that means). Also, NFL writer Michael Holley said on WEEI that he followed-up with multiple sources around the league and found that the allegations by former Pats’ employee Matt Walsh are absolutely false.

Matt Walsh didn’t even work in the Patriot's Video dept and could have a major axe to grind with his former bosses. However, if he does have evidence to support his claim, then you have to feel bad for the Kraft’s. This is the same family that wouldn’t draft certain players due their lifestyle in college, yet they could be caught in the biggest NFL scandal since Alex Karras and Paul Hornung were caught gambling on games 45 years ago.

Similar to what the NBA did when they found out their referees were gambling, I suspect NFL owners and possibly other Senators will pressure Arlen Specter to wrap-up his investigation quickly in attempt to avoid an embarrassing black mark on America’s newest pastime. You know Belichick will never ever attempt these covert opps again, so whatever the truth is, let’s find out soon and not let it drag on like steroids in baseball. The worst case scenario would be that the Patriots have to give back all their Super bowl victories but that is highly unlikely. However, if it should happen, then the Pats would set another NFL record, albeit a dubious one, of appearing in 6 Superbowls without a victory.

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