Monday, February 4, 2008

The Curse of Arizona

I guess you really can’t win them all, especially in Glendale, Arizona. Last night the Patriots joined a list of teams that have been upset in Arizona the last few years. The 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: #9 Boise St Broncos defeat #8 Oklahoma Sooners: 43-42. The 2007 BCS Championship Game: #2 Florida Gators defeat #1 Ohio State Buckeyes: 41-14. The 2008 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: #9 West Virginia Mountaineers defeat #3 Oklahoma Sooners: 48-28. Even the New York Yankees were upset in the desert by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2001 World Series.

And now Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants (12-6) defeat New England Patriots (18-0): 17-14. You knew the Giants were destined for victory when Eli Manning dodged a sack in the last minute of the game and got off a pass to unknown receiver David Tyree who then caught it on his helmet for a first down, but in all honesty, it should never have gotten to that point. The Patriots play calling was bad and their Pro bowl Offensive line was worse. Brady was sacked five times and never truly got into a rhythm. Finally, when the Patriots scored the go ahead touchdown to Randy Moss they made the one mistake that has cost other teams in the past. They left to much time on the clock.

To see Brady and the Patriots not score the last points and walk-off the field of a Super bowl in defeat was surreal. To add insult to injury, now we will probably see the Manning brothers whore themselves out for even more National TV commercials. Worse yet, we have to hear Mercury Morris and the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins beat their chest for another year.

Between Spygate, Randy Moss, Giselle, and the undefeated record, it was a long exhausting season for both Patriot players and fans. It will be interesting to see how the organization handles this defeat. What moves they make and what happens to Samuel, Seau, Moss, Stallworth and Troy Brown next season, but no more football for now.

The Celtics still have the best record in the NBA and Spring Training starts in less than 10 days, so it’s time to move on from this GIANT letdown and put the long Pats' season behind us.

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