Thursday, February 7, 2008

Notes from the Coast:

Johan Santana has finally found a new home and it’s in the National League, so now the Red Sox can move on. With Brandon Moss waiting in the wings and the recent signings of Bobby Kielty and Sean Casey, it looks like Coco Crisp’s days in a Sox uniform are numbered. I am still hoping for a deal to the Oakland A’s for reliever Huston Street but don’t expect anything until Spring Training when the Sox brass can make sure that Jacoby Ellbury is their everyday centerfielder.

  • Reportedly, Tom Brady and Randy Moss pulled out of the Pro Bowl in Hawaii due to injury. After their disgraceful performance in the Super bowl, Matt Light and Dan Koppen should pull out of the Pro Bowl due to embarrassment.
  • Can’t wait until after the NBA All-Star break when Kevin Garnett and Scott Pollard return to the line-up and Sam Cassell may finally be in a Celtics uniform.
  • On that note, I got a little excited when I heard Cassell was pulled out of the Celts-Clippers game last night. I thought it was because a trade or buyout had been consummated by the two teams until I heard it was due to a flagrant foul ejection.
  • Also, judging by his recent quotes, Cassell doesn’t seem as eager as Damon Stoudamire was to back-up Rajon Rondo saying it’s “who finishes the game not who starts that counts.”
  • Finally, Red Sox equipment trucks leave for Fort Myers, Florida this Saturday; a ritual that has become a harbinger of spring more reliable than a Groundhog’s shadow or the appearance of a Red-breasted Robin.

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