Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Make a Move!

Celtics' GM Danny Ainge earned a high grade for his off-season moves but now its time for him to do something in-season to earn an NBA title. Teams that are interested in winning are fortifying their rosters for the play-offs. Jamaal Magloire is now with the Dallas Mavericks and they are still planning on going after Brent Barry or Sam Cassell for their final roster spot. The San Antonio Spurs just added Kurt Thomas and the Suns added Shaq yet both teams' GMs are also courting Brent Barry. We have a 2-3 year window with the new 'Big 3' and still have 2 roster spots open. To compete for a title, the Celtics still need a back-up point guard and another big man. The heck with chemistry, this is about winning, so do something already!

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