Monday, February 11, 2008

NBA Finals preview?

The Celtics defeated the San Antonio Spurs yesterday for only the second time in the Tim Duncan era. What made it even more impressive was that both Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins did not play. If you include Scott Pollard who was a DNP, that is 3 ‘bigs’ out of the line-up for the Celtics against arguably the best big man in the game today. It was a great win but let’s not forget that the Spurs were without Tony Parker and Brent Barry yesterday. The Spurs are a much better team with Parker at the point, and with everyone healthy on both teams you would have to give the edge back to San Antonio.

That said the Celtics still need to make a move before the trading deadline on Feb. 23rd. The Lakers have improved themselves with Pau Gasol, the Spurs with Stoudamire, the Warriors with Chris Webber, the Suns have changed it up with the addition of Shaq, and both Dallas and Cleveland are hot after Jason Kidd. Even with KG, Perk, and Pollard coming back, Danny Ainge will still need to get some more support at the point and maybe another big man if the Celtics are to continue their success against the West and make a nice run in the NBA play-offs.

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