Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why I Dislike the Rays More than the Yankees

  1. For some reason the Rays always play with a chip on their shoulder against the Red Sox even though the Yankees should be their main rival since Tampa is where the Yanks' Spring training home is located
  2. They beat the Sox in the ALCS only to lose the World Series to a Phillies team with only 92 wins
  3. They have stockpiled young talent because they have always drafted so high and are now able to attract complementary veterans like Pat Burrell and Gabe Kapler because Tampa is not the worst place to live
  4. They have Carol Pena who was raised in Boston but couldn't hit with the Sox, and and now he may be the next David Ortiz with the Rays
  5. At $43 mill, their payroll is the second lowest in MLB
  6. With Joe Maddon as their manager, they play 'small ball' better than the Angels and are a tough match-up for the Sox
  7. They don't even have a passionate fan base and average less than 10,000 fans a game
  8. Before this offseason, their highest paid player only made $6 million per year!
  9. Their window before having to pay and/or possibly lose their young talent unfortunately coincides with Sox' own window with David Ortiz, J.D. Drew, Mike Lowell, and Jason Varitek.
  10. They just don't seem to know any better and fearlessly keep winning

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