Monday, April 13, 2009

Notes from the Coast:

There were a lot of 'uglies' this past week, but leading the way was the Red Sox anemic offensive performance against their postseason rivals Tampa and Anaheim. The Sox have lost the first two series of the season mainly because they are hitting only .240 as a team with the main culprits being Jacoby Ellsbury (5 for 24), David Ortiz (4-20), Mike Lowell (4 for 23), J.D. Drew (2 for 16), and Jed Lowrie (1 for 18). Even Josh Beckett's bravado and a mini-brawl with the Angels couldn't fire up the Sox' bats in Anaheim.

Yikes! - The Cleveland Cavaliers spanked the Celtics by 31 points on National TV and the Cav players had to turn to dancing during timeouts to keep themselves interested in the blowout. Fortunately, the Orlando Magic lost 2 games which assured the Celtics would have the second best record going into the postseason. However, now with only 2 games left in the season, the Celtics must somehow integrate their injured players and secure a play-off rotation or a lack of chemistry and cohesiveness could be their downfall in the quest for Banner #18.

Yikes! - The affable Argentine, Angel Cabrera, wins the Masters only after Kenny Perry and Tiger Woods both bogey the last two holes and Phil Mickelson once again self-destructs on the back 9 with poor shot choices, missed putts, and a shirt that looked to be two sizes too small.

Yikes! - The Miami of Ohio Hockey team had a 3-1 lead with less than a minute to go in the NCAA Championship game only to lose 4-3 in overtime. The good news is that Coach Jackie Parker and the Boston University Terriers won their 5th NCAA Hockey Title with a comeback for the ages!

Yikes! - The Boston Bruins fell just short of the getting the best record in the NHL but even more troublesome is that they will open the play-offs against their nemesis, the Montreal Canadiens. Granted the Bruins are the #1 seed and the Canadiens are #8, but anything can happen with these rivals. In post season play, the Canadiens have won 24 of 31 playoff rounds (including 18 in a row from 1946-1987), and 13 times in club history, the Canadiens have gone on to win the Stanley Cup after meeting the Bruins in the playoffs. Need I remind you what happened in 1971, 1979, or 2004?

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