Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dreading Manny

Stop the presses! Manny Ramirez finally decided it was time to have his haircut!

Even though he is almost 37 yrs old, Manny still conducts himself like a spoiled little child who acts out when he doesn't get everything he wants. Whether it's being made to take anger management classes after roughing-up a Team attendant or just cutting his hair, he doesn't like being told what to do. So when Manny finally decides to abide by the team rules and trim his dreadlocks, there has to be something in it for HIM!

Manny's comments on the big 'event': "It's still long. If I come back next year, it will be shorter."

Manager Joe Torre's reaction: "He haunts me with this. Manny says every time he gets a hit, it's the hair. I say it's the ability. He knows as well as everybody else around here that his ability is special. He's a character."

The plain truth is -- Manny cut his hair when he wanted to and only because it's part of his offseason campaign to get another big contract. However, as Jason Stark of ESPN points out, being a model citizen the rest of this season could backfire on him as many as GM's around the League realize that this is just an act and when Manny gets his money, he will probably turn back into the problem child he was in Boston.

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