Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

There are only 52 days and 46 games left in the Red Sox season, yet it still seems to be dragging. I’m not sure if it’s a World Series hangover, a case of Manny 'Malaise', or the lingering affects from the Japan trip, but the Sox seem to lack consistent energy and are not the exciting team they were last year. Earlier in the season, they led the league in come from behind victories and you felt it was just a matter of time before they hit their stride and started dominating again -- but they never did and probably never will this year.

Things I am getting tired of in 2008…

  1. All the one run losses on the Road
  2. J.D. Drew striking out without swinging
  3. David Ortiz’ nagging injuries
  4. Lack of production/fielding from Julio Lugo
  5. Getting swept at Tropicana Field
  6. Okajima’s blown leads
  7. General lack of power in the line-up
  8. Jason Varitek at the plate
  9. Daisuke Matsusaka’s frequent walks/high pitch counts
  10. Don Orsillo laughing at Jerry Remy
  11. Manny Delcarmen’s grooved fastballs
  12. Tampa Bay’s many wins in the bottom of the 9th
  13. The ‘Shift’ on David Ortiz
  14. Theo Epstein not acquiring bullpen help
  15. Waiting for Bartolo Colon to get off the DL
  16. Coco Crisp not fulfilling his potential
  17. Josh Becket having a below average year
  18. Manny Ramirez ‘Mania’ spreading in Los Angeles
  19. The Front Office trimming payroll
  20. Papelbon allowing runners on base
  21. Getting smacked around by the Angels
  22. Lack of spectacular catches from Crisp
  23. Buchholz’ and Ellsbury’s sophomore slumps
  24. Mike Lowell looking like he’s 52 with all his gray hair
  25. The pathetic bottom third of our Batting order

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