Sunday, July 20, 2008

Posey Gone but not Forgotten

James Posey stung Celtic Nation last week when he decided to accept an offer to join Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets. There is no doubt that Posey’s departure leaves a huge void on the team. When he came to Boston, he was the only player with championship experience and he quickly became the unspoken leader of the second unit and the best 6th man the Celtics had since Bill some 22 years ago. Also, with his swagger and fearlessness Posey helped bring together and give an identity to a team full of new players. His pre-game pep talks, clutch 3-point shooting, and ability to draw an offensive charge were legendary and with his energy and defense he often inspired the team to victories when the ‘Big 3’ weren't on their game.

With Posey gone, GM Danny Ainge has some big shoes to fill. It’s now almost imperative that the Celts re-sign Tony Allen, Eddie House, or both. If House stays, then the Celts will retain some of the fearless shooting and energy that Posey brought off the bench. If TA re-signs and continues to rebound from his torn ACL, then the Celts will once again have an athletic defensive stopper, as well as, a scorer off the bench.

Even though there was a mutual love affair between Posey and the Boston, in the end the security of a 4 year contract was too strong a pull for him. I guess the only silver-lining for Celtic fans is the fact that Jame Posey didn’t sign with Los Angeles Lakers or fellow Eastern Conference rivals Cleveland and Detroit. Just another great play by Posey!

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