Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Patriots Exonerated! May sue Herald

After Commissioner Roger Goodell met with former disgruntled Pats' employee and turncoat Matt Walsh, it was announced that there is no more evidence against the Patriots and they will not be charged with anymore wrong doing. As a result, the Patriots may now sue The Boston Herald and writer John Tomase for slander.

Unlike other media outlets who chose not to run the story because of the lack of evidence, Tomase and the Herald printed that the Patriots taped a walk through before the 2001 SuperBowl with the St. Louis Rams and ran it the day before the recent SuperBowl loss to the NY Giants.

The Patriots released the following statement today:
"We want to address the allegation that the Patriots taped the Rams’ walk through prior to Super Bowl XXXVI. For the past three-and-a-half months, we have been defending ourselves against assumptions made based on an unsubstantiated report rather than on facts or evidence. Despite our adamant denials, the report ran on February 2, 2008, the day before Super Bowl XLII. That game was the second-most watched program in television history and it is unfortunate that today’s news will not also reach an audience of that size. We hope that with Matt Walsh's disclosures, everyone will finally believe what we have been saying all along and emphatically stated on the day of the initial report: 'The suggestion that the New England Patriots recorded the St. Louis Rams' walk through on the day before Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002 is absolutely false. Any suggestion to the contrary is untrue."

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