Monday, April 21, 2008

Game 7 Nightmare?!

So you have the NHL Hockey play-offs, arguably the most exciting time in sports. Then you have a Game 7, probably the most intense moment in sports. On top of that, you have a #8 seed with a chance to upset a #1 seed and advance in the play-offs. But it gets better. The two teams playing in this high-drama game are the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadians. Two storied NHL franchises who have been bitter rivals for half a century. What a perfect stage to show the country how exciting the National Hockey League still is, right?

Not so fast! Some broadcast knuckleheads have decided to show the nation Game 6 of the Washington vs. Philadelphia series instead Game 7 of of Habs' vs. B's. What makes it worse is that after the end of Game 6, the cable channel Versus teased the country saying that the decisive game would be show nationally. Where I live In Los Angeles where, you have a ton of transplanted Bostonians who are die-hard sports fans and then you have the largest population of Canadians outside Canada, yet all these loyal fans may be getting robbed tonight!

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