Thursday, December 27, 2007

So long Johan…

It's time for the Boston Red Sox to just move away from the whole Johan Santana trade option. The Minnesota Twins and new GM Bill Smith are holding things up and I get a sense that they would rather trade him to the National league or hold on to him all together before dealing him to the Sox. First the Twins wanted positional players, then pitching, and now it seems they want a whole farm system for their prized pitcher. Enough already! They have tried to pit the Yankees against the Red Sox in negotiations but now even the Yanks have lost interest and so should the Sox. Even David Ortiz doesn't believe his good friend Johan will be with the Red Sox next year.

We just won our second World Series Title in four years, have a great farm system, and a manageable payroll. We don’t need Santana and as long as the Yankees don’t get him we should move on. At this point we need to focus on moving Coco Crisp and rounding out the rest of the roster before its too late.

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